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Top Spots to See in Argentina

Heave a huge sigh of relief as the plane lands in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After getting to the hotel, take a look around. You are now in what a lot of people, including celebrities, call paradise.

There is more to Buenos Aires than the beaches. Take a tour, whether it is guided or not, enjoy some local food, take in the finer restaurants and relax. This is the vacation you have been waiting for, saving for and at last here it is. Take this chance to dance outside, everyone else will be doing the same thing. This is no time to play shy.

Take a small camera with you where ever you go, that way you will have it on hand to take those photographs that you will cherish when you get home. Take a chance and try some of the little mom and pop places that might be a bit out of the way or off the beaten path.

Guided tours with some companies only cost approximately 400 USD. There are opportunities on guided tours that you might not get if you go it alone. Blaze a trail in the square or have fun visiting the gorgeous architecture while there.

Get on the metro and go from place to place quickly and easily. Guided tours will help with this as well. You can have a blast going on foot to places that will entice you to take even more pictures.

Back at the hotel at night, dream of all the things you will want to do the next day. Maybe you could have a spa day or go back to the favorite spot you picked out your first day there.

Whatever you do in Buenos Aires, don't go half way. Argentina is not just Buenos Aires, but that is a hot spot for vacationers and travelers alike. You could go the Patagonia or the Valdes Peninsula, as long as you have a great time, Argentina can be the most wondrous of places you have ever been.

Before traveling take some time to discover exactly where you want to go and what you want to do while there. Because you want to have the best time, it might be a good idea to plan a day ahead where you will be sightseeing on your trip. If the adventurous side of you pops out and you decide to go it alone, be safe, be polite and be yourself.

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