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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see a live performance in an outdoor amphitheatre? The Theatre West Virginia hosts daily shows in its Cliffside Amphitheatre.

See a live performance under the stars at the Theatre West Virginia

If you haven’t been to an outdoor theatre performance then you have missed a lot in life. Life needs a little drama every now and then and you might have to make time for that drama. So figure out a way to take your wife or family to the Theatre West Virginia soon. They have been making history in producing the best actors. A good theatre performance can actually take your mind off a lot of things.

You can also pay a backstage visit at this theatre and see how things work out. There are educational tours that can be planned too. So if you know some arts students that would want to go there you can contact us and find out the details.

Call us and register for a visit.  

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