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Learn more about the pretty beaches in Brazil’s shortest shoreline.

Enjoying the Brazilian Beach Life in the Not-So-Popular Piaui

When talking about Brazilian strips, people usually think of touristy beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema, but if you’d like to see the most virgin coastlines in the country, then you’d have to visit the state of Piaui.

Found in the northeast of Brazil, lovely beaches could be found in Piaui’s second biggest city, called Parnaiba. Highly recommended strips are the Coqueiro as well as the more remote Barra Grande. Nonetheless, you could follow what Seth Kugel of the NY Times Travel did as he went for a trip to this part of Brazil in search of the best beaches in the state (“A 41-Mile, 4-Day, Best-Brazil-Beach Quest”).

Aside from seeing gorgeous sand dunes and amazing flora and fauna in Piaui, his main goal was to explore its shoreline just to look for the best strip there is. Here’s an excerpt of his travel article:

Porto dos Tatus is where boats take visitors on tours of the Parnaíba delta. An idle guide named Bal agreed to take me in his boat for 150 reais ($75 at 2 reais to the dollar) to the spit of sand I had pointed to on the map… I reached dusty Pedra do Sal in a few hours and had a 27-real plate of pan-fried fish and sweet potatoes at a beachfront stand called Bar Farol where, on a weekday, I was the only visitor… I quickly found a basic bed for 40 reais in the Boa Esperança pousada (small hotel), and an “arrumadinho” — a bowl of rice and beans and assorted meats — at the Bom Lanches food stand… The next morning, I set out from Atalaia beach, a dreary stretch of sand that was, even so, apparently popular with beachgoers: it was lined with restaurants and bars that were sprucing up for a long weekend.

Catch the rest of his article here, and see if you, too, would like to enjoy the Brazilian beach life in the not-so-popular Piaui.

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